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Master Computer Science
Silvia Niet-Wunram
Paul-Bonatz-Str. 9-11,
Building H, Room 102

57076 Siegen

telephone: +49 271 740-3400
fax: +49 271 740-4018

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Visual Computing

Study Focus

Visual Computing

Study Focus

Visual Computing

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Embedded Systems

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Visual Computing

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Online Application

Important Note

It is frequently brought to our attention that certain sources state that the application process at the University of Siegen is subject to fees. However, the University of Siegen does not charge processing fees for handling applications for any of its degree programs.

Application Guidelines and FAQ

Beyond the advice given below on this web page, please consult the following documents in case you have specific questions during the application and admission process.

Important remark: In case students will not be able to obtain an official language certificate in time (17th April) the official confirmation letter of the scheduled or postponed test by TOEFL, IELTS etc.) should be provided/uploaded. Please note, that in case of admission the final test result has to be presented with the enrolment.

You can be assured that even though we are all experiencing difficult times, the University of Siegen offers an excellent education environment. Also, the German health care system is one of the best in the world.

Timeline 2022

Enrollment to the English computer science master is only possible in the winter term.

  • The online application portal is open on January 15th 2022: https://unisono.uni-siegen.de/
  • Time line for Winter Semester 2022:
    • April 30th 2022: Deadline for online applications 

Applicants, who will receive their final university degree later than 24th May 2022, are requested to upload an official version of their latest transcript. The final degree certificate has to be submitted with the enrolment. In case the applicant cannot submit his final certificate on the date of enrolment, he will not be enrolled.


  1. Apply via the UNISONO system (https://unisono.uni-siegen.de/)
    1. Select English (bottom right of the initial webpage)
    2. Register to the system:  Self-registration: Please fill in all required fields. After the registration is complete you will receive an e-mail describing the next steps. This mail contains your advanced user data, which you will use for login later.
  2. Fill in the initial form online
  3. You will receive an email with your user name and password
    1. Follow the instructions, fill all forms and upload all required documents in digital form
  4. Your documents will be evaluated for legal and professional eligibility (see remark below)
  5. Eligible candidates will be invited for a short online test and an online interview (see remark below).

Important remark: The international master program in computer science is a consecutive study program. It builds upon the Bachelor program in Siegen that conveys the necessary skills and expertise for the master program. Thus, after your application, we will evaluate your transcripts of records in order to ensure that you have the necessary skills and expertise for the master program in one of the two study focus areas (i.e., embedded systems or visual computing). Furthermore, an online test and  interview with each shortlisted applicant will clarify any uncertainties about the required skills and expertise for the master program.

Documents required

Please note that no hard copies are needed till you arrive in Siegen. In case of admission original documents have to be presented for enrollment. The current regulations for the enrolment process can be found here, regulations related to the health ensurance can be found here.

Important Note: Please make sure that you successfully submit your application until the deadline. We cannot review applications that are still in preparation!

Country specific hints:

  • Chinese, Mongolian and Vietnamese applicants are strongly recommended to ask at the German Embassy in their countries for the accreditation of their application documentation. The University of Siegen cannot accept applications without the corresponding certificate approval.
  • Concerning Indian applicants: All marks sheets and degree certificates (transcripts) must be sent through proper channel (meaning that your documents have to be issued by your university or another educational institution of high standard and/or that copies have to be notarized by the same institute, public lawyer or notary).