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Master Computer Science
Silvia Niet-Wunram
Paul-Bonatz-Str. 9-11,
Building H, Room 102

57076 Siegen

telephone: +49 271 740-3400
fax: +49 271 740-4018
Visual Computing

Study Focus

Visual Computing

Study Focus

Visual Computing

Study Focus

Embedded Systems

Study Focus

Visual Computing

Study Focus


Welcome to Your First Semester as Master in Computer Science

General Information for Winter Term 2020/2021

Due to the Corona pandemic, the Master in Computer Science will be held fully online. This webpage will give the relevant information for the international student that have the admission for recollment.

First Steps

Please follow this procedure in case you have the admission to recoll into the Master in Computer Science in Siegen.

  1. Use the online enrollment procedure depicted at the website of STARTING (Student Admission, Registration and Training in German Language).
    Important note: The enrollment deadline has been prolonged to October 30th.
  2. Plan your semester in UNISONO and with help of the Mentor Approval Sheets for the specific study focus you got admission for. In case of questions contact the mentor for your study focus.
  3. It is very important to register to the courses as soon as possible in UNISONO you intend to attend, since you will get important information via mails sent through UNISONO.
  4. Attend the First Semester Information Meeting to be held on October 26th 2020, 14:00 (CEST) (details see below).

First Semester Information Meeting

This online meeting will be held October 26th 2020, 14:00 (CEST). You will get access information via mail. In case of problems please contact Ms Niet-Wunram (niet@zess.uni-siegen.de).

Introductory Information

Study Material

The electronic study material for all Computer Science Master courses are accessible via moodle. Each lecturer will send the access information to his moodle course site to all student registered in UNISONO. If you have registered late, directly contact the lecturer and ask for the access information.

Information from the Examination Office

Essential information related to exams, the examination office and the examination board are given in this slides. There is also a screen cast from Prof. Wismüller explaining these slides, as well as a video explaning the most important aspects of the uniform regulations that apply to all study programmes in our department.

Introducory Slides

Here are the slides of the First Semester Information meeting from Oct. 26th 2020.