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Master Computer Science
Silvia Niet-Wunram
Paul-Bonatz-Str. 9-11,
Building H, Room 102

57076 Siegen

telephone: +49 271 740-3400
fax: +49 271 740-4018

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Career Options after Your Master

Basically, youStudents  have two options after successfully completing the Master in Computer Science at University of Siegen : They can pursue a career either in industry or in research . The following is a brief overview of some of the options that students have after completing their master's degree. However, please note that this is far from being an exhaustive list, as there are literally an infinite number of options to follow.

Industrial Career Options

Activity areas for computer scientists

Unlike in the past, computer scientists today no longer work only in pure computer or IT companies or traditional IT departments. Nowadays, there are fewer and fewer areas where software is not essential. For example, computer science plays a major role, not only in the traditional fields of application such as finance, logistics and entertainment, but also in areas such as medical technology, machinery and plant construction, and mobility (automotive, avionics, shipping). Accordingly, there is no longer the typical computer scientist - due to the diverse requirements, the job profiles have changed significantly in recent years. Nevertheless, the core competencies of computer science continue to be of great importance, but they must be linked to a variety of specialist competences. Here, the two subject areas of the Master in Computer Science, i.e., Embedded Systems and Visual Computing, represent central and innovative areas that are and will be represented in almost all current and future systems.

Career perspectives in computer science

The field of mobility is increasingly adapting to digitization. What began a few years ago with navigation devices and parking aids, is evolving towards autonomous vehicles. Topics such as active driver assistance systems, communication technology in vehicles or digital display devices require more and more computer science. Traditional medical technology is increasingly becoming a digital industry. Software for medical devices, imaging procedures such as computer tomography and the electronic health card would not be feasible without computer science.

In all these areas, computer scientists are involved in everything from project management to the realization and operation of the systems, from the idea, via the development to the marketing they are knowledge carriers in order to further advance these technological applications.

Research Career Options

The research groups in the Electrical Engineering & Computer Science Departments of the University of Siegen participate and lead a large amount of research projects related to applications in fields like healthcare, automotive, industrial control, avionics or smart home.  Master students are welcome to become involved in these projects (e.g. master thesis, students projects) and excellent students get the opportunity to pursue a PhD in one of these projects in Siegen.

Fields of Research

If you are interested in getting a PhD in one of the chairs or research centers of the Departments of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, you should have a close look at the specific research topics of these institutions. Please have a look at, e.g.

  • The Institute for Vision and Graphics comprising the chairs related to the Visual Computing study focus of the Master in Computer Science
  • Several chairs' research relates to the study focus on Embedded Systems of the Master in Computer Science, such as Embedded Systems and Ubiquitous Computing.
  • The Center for Sensor Systems comprises various research topics from different departments that are related to the development and application of sensor systems including the development of new sensor principles, sensor information processing, and high level information extraction.

PhD Program

The MSc degree enables students to pursue their studies in order to obtain a PhD degree at the University of Siegen. General information about the University of Siegen can be found at www.uni-siegen.de and at www.uni-siegen.de/international-office